Sometime in 2015, I decided to stop waiting.  

After performing and recording with The Snow for six years, I joined The Bushwick Book Club - a literary book club that invites musicians to read selected works and write songs inspired by those works. The songs are shared in meetings, which take place as public performances. Within a couple of years, I had a handful of songs I liked and wanted to arrange for a band.

A few of the tracks were originally co-written and performed with Dylan Nowik - a brilliant musician and songwriter, himself - who helped record, performed on and mixed the album. I composed the other half of the songs independent of the book club - and ultimately settled on ten as the magic number that warranted a recording project. The band was comprised of many long-time musical friends, who both helped create the arrangements, performed them at a live show, and ultimately recorded the album on a beautiful leafy hilltop in Putnam County, New York in June of 2016.

Among the collection are a meditation on the making of an omelette, inspired by the Bossa Nova tradition and Julia Child's Mastering the Art of French Cooking; a plaintive country-style shuffle about an earthquake; and a gypsy jazz ode to a charming man who couldn't get his shit together, inspired by Betty Smith's A Tree Grows in Brooklyn.

The songs give voice to an inward journey, as evoked by the natural world - including the human animals within it. The album as a whole represents this journey as one completed cycle of the self.